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    Infant Baptism


    Having a baby? It is most appropriate to provide children with the grace of the Sacrament of Baptism and to welcome them into the community of faith. This is usually done within six months of birth. For first time parents, formation is required regarding Christian parenting and the teaching of the Church.

    Baptisms at Saint Anselm Parish are scheduled, usually, on the first and third Sunday of the month - except during Lent.  If you would like more information or to scheduled a baptism please email Chris at  You can also complete the baptism information form and scan and email to or call 440-729-9575 for more information.

    It is traditional to have two “godparents”. Godparents are actually sponsors, that is, religious mentors for the child. Actually only one is required but two are common. One must be a practicing Catholic. The second one can be either another practicing Catholic or a practicing Christian of another denomination. We no longer require that Godparents get a certificate from their church attesting to these qualifications.  We want you though to ask people who have these qualifications to be the Godparents.

    That the person be Catholic who has received the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist.
    That they weekly attend Mass and receive the Eucharist.
    That they are trying to follow the Lord in the way that they treat others,
    That they are at least sixteen years of age.
    If they are married, their marriage is recognized as valid in the eyes of the Church.
    In addition to the qualifications spelled out by the Church, it is important that you choose someone who is likely to have some contact with your child so that they truly can be a mentor to your child.   

    Hopefully the idea that a Godparent is a religious mentor and the qualifications listed above will help you choose a good Godparent for your child.  

    Some find it difficult to find two practicing Catholics to choose as Godparents.  In that case, one Catholic Godparent and one Christian Witness may be chosen. A Christian Witness of another denomination (Episcopalian, Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, etc) who practices that faith.  A non-practicing Catholic does not qualify for being a Christian Witness or a Godparent.

    Since we are called Godparents by that name it is traditional to have one man and one woman as Godparents.

    Role of the Godparent

    Guidelines for Choosing Godparents for your Child

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