Saturday: 4:30 p.m.
Sunday: 8:00 a.m., 9:30 a.m, and 11:30 a.m.


    Celebrating and Prayer Ministries


    Have you ever served mass or wished you had?  Adult volunteers serve at Masses of Christian Burial.  There are teams fo trained servers who serve at funerals on a rotating schedule.  Join us in this wonderful way to pray our parishers home.

    This group provides well planned decoration for the church which coincides with various liturgical seasons. The time commitment varies with the liturgical season. Work is done in preparation for Christmas, Holy Week and Easter and Ordinary Time. Initial training in liturgical documents is provided. The ability to work with other people and to follow liturgical principles is needed. Artistic ability used to serve the liturgy is a desirable strength.

    Eucharistic Ministers assist the priest in distributing communion under both kinds at weekend liturgies. After a 2 hour diocesan training course Eucharistic Ministers are commissioned for serving at St. Anselm. They then serve at weekend masses approximately twice a month. The schedule is done quarterly and is announced at church. It is available by the bulletin board and is on the website.

    All are welcome to worship with us at St. Anselm. Our Greeters welcome all who come to celebrate Sunday and weekend vigil masses. All who love to smile and talk with others as they come to the table of the Lord will enjoy this ministry.

    Some parishioners are called to proclaim the Word of God at weekend Masses. After training, they serve as lector approximately twice a month. Contact the parish office if you are interested in becoming a lector. The schedule is done quarterly and is announced at church. It is available by the bulletin board and is on the website.


    Are you an arranger, a detail person? You may enjoy being a mass coordinator for weekend liturgies. The role involves getting the sacred vessels, the hosts and wine, the books etc. ready for Mass. The commitment is once per month for twenty minutes before and after Mass. A schedule is mailed to coordinators twice a year. Click here for the April ~ September 2014 schedule.


    Boys and girls in Grades 5 and above are trained to serve at the weekend liturgies.They serve on a rotating schedule. To become a server, contact the Parish Office at 729-9575.

    Ushers are part of our liturgical hospitality. They assist parishioners in finding seating, distribute bulletins and circulate the collection baskets once a week at a particular liturgy.


    The St. Anselm music ministry assists the assembly in sung prayer. We encourage everyone to praise God by actively participating in singing a wide range of liturgical hymns. The music ministry consists of about one hundred people of all ages and backgrounds. Intergenerational means that we welcome young and old together. We all learn from each other at weekly practice held on Thursday evenings. If you love to sing or play an instrument, contact David Fuller, Coordinator of Liturgical Music at (440) 729- 5122.


    Members of the parish gather to sing at funeral liturgies in prayer for deceased parishioners. Their song is a gift to grieving families. Choir members volunteer on an as needed basis. Contact the parish office to join the Funeral Choir.



    The Avilas pray for vocations to the priesthood, diaconate and religious life and for those who have already consecrated their lives to God. They pray on the first Friday of each month in their homes.


    People pray in the Church each day of the week. Hours vary Monday-Friday 8:30 AM – 7:00 AM; Saturday mornings till noon; Sundays beginning at 7:00 PM.


    Mothers in the parish pray for Saint Anselm Parish and school for one hour weekly.

    Prishioners participate in a phone chain to communicate the prayer intentions. They pray in their homes for all requests made .


    Members of this group cme together to knit/crochet shawls, blankets, hats and mittens on the second Saturday of the month at 2:00 – 4:30 PM. They pray for the recipient of their work as they knit and crochet. All are welcome to this praying community.




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